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Core Bench Fitness' mission is to set the standard for performance in the fitness industry. We actively promote a genuine customer service attitude towards our clients and customers. Our standards of excellence, integrity and professionalism translate into maximization of the health benefits to our clients and highest quality of experience to our customers.





Core Bench Fitness is based in Valencia, CA. The founders believe that personal fitness is a building block to a healthy lifestyle. The patented BalaCore™ Bench and BalaCore™ Floor are designed and manufactured with environmental sustainability as a key corporate tenet. The materials used in the BalaCore products contribute to this sustainability with a mandated portion of the product and packaging consisting of recycled material. The BalaCore product line is a global enterprise with design, manufacturing and distribution spanning three continents.

BalaCore Fitness
23026 Soledad Canyon Rd.
Santa Clarita, CA 91350